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ADA Compliant Public Address and Visual Messaging



WavWriter is Penta Corporation’s premier control suite that provides for the accurate creation, efficient distribution, and effective  control of ADA compliant  voice and visual messaging over modern data networks for the world’s great transportation systems.  Whether using subway, commuter rail, light rail, trolley, bus, or airlines; Penta’s WavWriter can deliver timely, useful, and effective information to audio systems, LED displays, video displays, personal communication devices and smart phones.

User Interface
At the heart of the WavWriter functionality is the intuitive  map-based  user  interface  allowing  the delivery  of  VOIP  live  announcements,  prerecorded messages, or text to speech messages to individual  stations  or  groups  of  stations  and zones within those stations.

In  addition  to  the  user  initiated  messaging,  the WavWriter  system  is  designed  for  the  automated delivery  of  arrival,  departure,  customer  service and emergency messages through IP communications  with  Centralize  Train  Control,  SCADA, FIDS,  GPS,  AVL  or  other  real-time  tracking  systems as well as the schedule database.

The  Windows®  based  software  provides  one-touch  toolbar  shortcuts  and  control  buttons  for creating messages, editing, and scheduling.

Map based interface

Penta WavWriter VoIP

Penta Corporation is pleased to announce the introduction of the VoIP software module for its award winning WavWriter voice and visual messaging system. 

Now the WavWriter system can deliver live, pre-recorded, text-to-speech, and assembled messages from its message library in real time using standards-based streaming packets of VoIP. 

The system has proprietary developed VoIP, incorporating telcom standards in user-selectable formats.  Whether your connections are gigabit, megabit, or even kilobit, Penta can deliver VoIP audio and visual messages from the office to stations.

Penta Corporation is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of communications systems for the transportation industry since 1975.

For Press Information:

Bobby Chandler

(504) 733-1700

Penta Wavwriter brochure
Penta WavWriter
brochure (PDF format)
Penta WavWriter Dock Console
DOWNLOAD Penta WavWriter Console
brochure (PDF format)
Penta Web-CIS
Web-Based Customer
 Information Screen (PDF format)


Optional Web-based Customer Information Screens:
TID Northwest Corridor

TID (Train Information Display)

The TID provides arrival and departure information for all incoming trains. All displayed fields are configurable and typically include time of departure, last stop, track number, line designation, train number, and station.

Blackberry display

PDA / Handheld Display

Easily displayed on handheld devices.
Platform Display

PD (Platform Display)
The PD display is unique to each platform, providing a list of all stops for a particular train.  The PD display shows data, including stops, for the arriving train.

  • Displays are easily customized in color, format, and font.
  • Supports emergency messaging with priority.
  • Scales easily to large and small systems.
  • Can also be placed as part of your main website for passenger's convenience.


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