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Token Booth Microphone Station

The TBMS Microphone Station combines paging functionality with multi-zone and multi-message selection capabilities.  Depending upon the requirements, up to 24 zones/message selector buttons, each with two color LED's, can be provided.  The TBMS allows gate attendants, booth attendants, passenger assistance personnel, and safety personnel to make high quality voice announcements and trigger pre-recorded messages.

The TBMS is supplied with a handheld paging microphone with PTT or a gooseneck microphone.  A floor mounted PTT foot switch may be used with the gooseneck microphone to provide hands-free operation.

The TBMS may be ordered in either a wall mount or desk mount configuration.  Each style accommodates up to 24 indicating selector keys.


Wall StationThe TBMS integrates with Pena's WavWriter announcement control system as well as existing paging systems to provide local control of announcements and messages.

The TBMS uses RS-32 data for communications and a single audio circuit for its microphone output.  Phantom power can be used to eliminate the need for a local power supply.

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