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Universal Signal Controller

Penta’s SignalLink™ is the single solution to efficient and economical direct replacement of relay units. The SignalLink™’s compact design and low cost make it a valuable member of a Signalman’s toolbox. That means fast, on-site repair of signal systems and replacement of unreliable relay field units.  A variety of codes are available including 504, 506 and 514. Also SCS128 and GENISYS serial data formats..


  • Features
    • Single Board Design with Quick On/Off Connectors – Compact design makes the SignalLink™ easy to transport and install.  Terminal strips permit efficient maintenance and replacement of relay based code line units.
    • Code Translator & Serial Port – Code format can be encoded/decoded via data modem for transmission other than DC current facilities, e.g. microwave, fiber optics or audio lines.
    • PROM-based Attributes – SignalLink™ units can be converted between various code formats by just changing a PROM
    • LCS and PUP Circuitry on Single Board – Both Line Code Storage (LCS) and additional storage (PUP) circuitry are on the single board for convenient and universal application.
    • Live Disconnect – In the event the SignalLink™ detects a code line failure, the Tx is disconnected for a predetermined period of time with automatic retry.
    • Microprocessor-Based Software – No calibration/adjustment of the timing format is required upon installation.
    • Field Proven - In service for over 20 years.
  • Applications

    • Relay Unit Repair: The SignalLink™ is a direct replacement for most relay based field units, which can mean both short and long-term maintenance savings.  SignalLink™ provides an economical alternative considering the labor and material cost of repairing outdated relay units (not even accounting for the loss in signal system downtime). The SignalLink™ can easily be carried by the signal maintainer and quickly installed without recalibration of message timing. Additionally, each individual code’s attributes are located in an easily- replaceable PROM on the SignalLink™’s single board.  Therefore, the SignalLink™ can be universally applied to a railroad’s multiple code line systems.

    • New Installations and Office Units: SignalLink™ is the ideal, least-cost approach to installing new code line systems. The unit arrives pre-programmed with the required code and its compact design requires less space than the interface boxes of most relay units.  With the provided serial interface, a CRT Office Unit can be configured to provide an efficient presentation of code line information and control.

Penta’s SignalLink™ is a member of the Penta family of communication and control products.  In addition to the controller, Penta offers a Code Line Test Set for line or field unit testing and calibration.  The test set consists of a PC with Code Line Adapter and provides on-site testing of field units, convenient testing of code lines and performs excellently when used as a calibration instrument for repair shops.
Electrical —operates from DC source. All solid state components. Primary power input: 16 VDC nominal (10.6 VDC min, 36 VDC max.) @ 1 A (max.) Fuse: 2 Amp Power fail recovery: resets automatically to OPERATE mode on power restoration.

Environmental —Temperature range: -40° to +70° C std. Humidity: 9 to 95% R.H. non-condensing.

  Packaging — Shipped as a rack mountable assembly (standard EIA spacing). Dimensions: 3.5 x 19 x 10.5 inches. Weight: Approx. 7 lbs. Materials: epoxy glass resin printed circuit board with 2-oz. copper.  Two-sided solder mask for moisture protection. Aluminum rack panel and cover. Field terminations: terminal strip connector accepts up to #12 AWG wire. Optional corrosion protection: Humiseal coating.
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