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Dispatch Consoles and Systems cPCx Compact PCx. Open architecture, IP based, digital dispatching communications control system. Sized from 24 to 4,000 ports using state of the art IP Telephony for control of radios, telephones, and dedicated communication links. Small footprint, redundancy, easily expandable, economical. 
  PCx  Redundant dispatch control for radios, telephones and dedicated lines. High reliability, non-blocking analog switching architecture, can control up to 512 lines and consoles.  Universal line interface allows control of virtually any radio/telephone signaling for frequency, PTT, conferencing, patching, DID, PSTN, etc.
  MNx  A smaller, non-redundant version of the PCx, the MNx is based on the same analog switch architecture with maximum expansion up to 32 lines and consoles. An economical solution for small dispatch centers, yards, and maintenance facilities.

Radio Control Interfaces BaseLink The Penta BaseLink controller offers advanced, user-programmable control of radio base stations, repeaters, and link radio systems via direct circuits and dial-up.
  PC3 Legacy base station controller.
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