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Penta Windows Software Applications Overview

 Penta’s Windows Server PCx Software

The main PCx Host GUI provides a system activity Window and selector buttons to allow authorized users to edit the system configurations, console database, circuit database, speed dialing, voter configurations, System status and error information, view system data in real time, test individual circuit and console ports, and manually update console database files.  All of these and many more functions are presented in an easy to use, familiar Windows GUI.


Host MMI

The Man Machine Interface window (MMI) provides the users access to specific PCx editing and configuration.  Each system device or edit parameter is delimited by a tab style selector for easy organization and use.


Host Voter Editor

To edit and configure voter groups, radio sites within a group, and the functionality of the voting and a Voter Group summary window is provided.

Host Event and Status Logger

For system events, errors and alarm a well designed Log Files window is provided.  Authorized users can select current or past events by opening the daily log files using a view ans selection window.  Level of event types can be filters to allow specific events to display of all recorded events.



Windows Control Console

The Windows control console GUI is a variation on the exisiting GUI.  Stations are displayed in standard button type cells.  These cells provide users the ability to connect or perform an ‘instant transmit’ on the displayed station.  As with your current console, Penta uses individual characters under the station name to provide status information about that station.  Status characters are ‘C’-Connect, ‘M’-Monitor, Tx- PTT on, ‘V’-VOX detection, ‘P’-Patch.  Additionally, colors are used to provide status information.  The screen is comprised of the station selection area, incoming call, current connections, current monitors, Quick Dial selectors, a status and information line, and an ICON based toolbar for function selection.


Console Quick Dial Editor

Penta’s Quick Dial Window provides a user sorted speed dialing list.  Sixteen main menu buttons are provided for category selection or commonly used numbers.

If a category is selected a secondary window will pop-up, prompting for the specific person or location to dial.

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