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The PAx is a microprocessor based multi-input, multi-output, audio and announcement controller.

The integrated 16x16 audio switch matrix is capable of switching any of sixteen inputs to any of 16 outputs.  Multiple inputs and outputs can be used concurrently or in a multi-zone broadcast manner.

PAx Multi-Zone Audio and Interoperability Controller

The PAx can switch 16 audio inputs to 16 audio outputs, with multiple paths in use simultaneously.

  • Paging:
    A typical passenger terminal or station installation consists of a single PAx providing multi-zone paging and ADA compliant visual messaging. Supporting interfaces would be local control microphones, telephone interface for remote paging access, pre-recorded messaging for repeat announcement or automated information, one or more amplifiers per zone, and Visual Message Signs for ADA compliance.
  • Interoperability Controller:
    The PAx has optional interface cards for Radio, Dial-up telephone, and direct circuit connection.  Utilizing the 16x16 audio matrix on the backplane, radio-radio, radio-office, radio-telephone connections can be setup from the field.  In addition, by adding a Control Console communicating to the PAx via Ethernet, the PAx becomes a the core of a dispatching system.
  • Onboard Transit Vehicle:
    A typical onboard vehicle installation consists of a single PAx unit, an operator’s microphone, one or more vehicle microphones, one or more emergency phones, amplifiers, speakers, and Visual Display Signs. The PAx can automatically generate pre-recorded audio and visual station stop messages based on contact closure inputs or data received via the onboard Ethernet or serial channels. Manually initiated pre-recorded arrival and departure messages can be generated from a keypad or terminal on the operator’s control panel.
  • Features:
    • Remote Control Paging and Visual Messaging:
      Audio input switching may be controlled remotely via the PAx’s onboard 10BaseT Ethernet port or one of the three configurable asynchronous serial channels. The remote application sends a command to the PAx to connect an input(s) to an output(s). The PAx  confirms the action by sending the appropriate data response. When the remote message is delivered, it will be heard over the selected zone(s). Likewise, the PAx can digitally  receive a remote message for display on local ADA compliant Variable Message Signs.
  • Features Continued
    • Priority Management:
      To prevent announcement collisions or contention, each PAx audio input is configured with a priority assignment. If more than one input attempts to announce over the same output, the PAx prevents ‘talk over’ by switching only the input with the highest priority to the output zone(s).
    • Supervisory Control of Audio Components:
      Using onboard Ethernet, serial communications, and I/O, the PAx can communicate directly with several manufacturers' audio, video and control components to provide remote supervision, device management, announcement verification, and error reporting. The PAx will interrogate the devices and report all relevant or pre-configured data to the remote equipment.
    • Local and Remote PAx Configuration Management:
      Penta’s PAx Communicator software installed in a laptop or computer, connected through the PAx  primary serial port or the Ethernet allows local configuration of the PAx.
    • Remote Configuration Management:
      The PAx can be re-configured and altered remotely via Ethernet or serial port using the PAx Communicator software or a control system application that uses the PAx software application interface commands (API). This allows the altering of priorities, volume settings, and default parameters of the PAx as required for the location.
    • Integrated Passenger Information System:
      Multiple PAx Controllers can be integrated into a complete multi-terminal, multi-station Passenger Information System by using Penta’s WavWriter Suite of PIS applications or through 3rd Party Control applications taking advantage of the PAx’s easy to use API and data command interface. (Contact Penta for information and documentation on the PAx application interface.)
    • The PAx occupies only 2 units of rack-space and consumes less than 20 Watts of power.

Download Brochures in PDF format:

PAx Brochure
PAx Brochure

PAx Interoperability brochure
PAx Interoperability brochure

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