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The MNx Integrates the control of radios, telephones, intercoms, PBx circuits, microwave channels, and consoles with a single, compact, cost-effective system.

The MNx Communications Control System is a smaller version of Penta's proprietary PCx network switch, featuring user-programmability, flexibility and ease of operation.

The non-blocking switch can control up to 32 lines and consoles. It uses the same line and console interfaces, host software, and control consoles as the PCx, which gives users universal modularity, flexibility, and familiarity of operation.

Windows-based control consoles provide touch-screen, mouse, trackball or keyboard control over any or all circuits connected to the network switch.  The password-protected consoles allow operators to access radios, telephones, other consoles, and to conference an unlimited number of circuits.

MNx Communications Control System


  • Used in:

    • dispatching

    • public address

    • yard control

  • For controlling:

    • radios

    • telephones

    • PBX circuits

    • microwave channels

    • fiber optic lines

    • consoles

  • Networking, multi-tasking and interfacing to other subsystems (such as ATS, CAD, CTC, GPS and SCADA systems) are possible with the MNx system. Penta has designed the system for maximum flexibility so customers receive the most efficiently integrated packages available.  The company has integrated MNx systems with other control systems, written console software to run in tandem with other subsystem programs, and combined dispatching and public address control functions in the same system.
  • The MNx system is evolving continually to incorporate new and innovative technologies.  Operators can now create forms and generate faxes from their consoles -- without exiting the Penta software.  They can send and receive data from the consoles (via e-mail) and on-line communications services. Data also can be employed to control radios (using ANI and other selective call protocols).


  • Console Configurations
    • A variety of console configurations are available with the MNx system.  Typical console hardware consists of a fully equipped desktop or tower computer, LCD display, a Penta MNx interface and associated audio components.
    • The operator interfaces with the console via touch-screen, mouse, trackball or keyboard provided with each console position.  Screen presentations are well-organized to facilitate quick access to all functions.
    • Operator consoles communicate with the MNx system via console interface cards and console audio cards.  The console interface card provides the mechanism by which the console communicates with the switch. The console audio card supports the audio portion of the console's operation with isolation, filtration, amplification and compression capabilities.
  • Features

    • Miniature version of PCx

    • Integrates the control of all types of electronic communication.
    • Offers unlimited patching and conferencing capabilities.
    • Employs a non-blocking audio switch matrix design.
    • Modular architecture provides for easy additions and expansion.
    • Custom software can facilitate networking, multi-tasking, voter steering and other specific system requirements.
    • Operator consoles are PC-based units available with
      •  touch-screen,
      • mouse,
      • trackball
      • keyboard control.
    • Console software runs in both DOS and Windows environments.


  • Interface Cards
    • Microprocessor-based line interface cards provide the interface between the MNx system and most types of two- and four-wire communications circuits.  Only one type of line card is used in the system; no special interface boards or control modules are required to communicate with various types of lines.  Additionally, user programmability and configurability have been designed into the card to permit field adjustment of signaling and line designations.
    • Other unique features of the line interface card include adjustable transmit and receive levels, DTMF in and out, transformer isolation, voice activity detection (VOX) and receive-line compression.  The line card also is available with a modem, a logging recorder output, a digital front end, and other optional modules .
MNx Brochure
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