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The cPCx Communications Control System is Penta's premier platform for integrated radio, telephone, emergency, and voice communications.  The cPCx is built on state of the art telecommunications and open media platform.  If features fully redundant non-blocking Compact PCI digital platform supporting the H.110 bus architecture and IP based telephony.  Open interfaces include standards based VOIP, SIP, PRI, T1, E1, FXO, FXS, and E&M. The cPCx includes redundant hot standby CommServers with blade servers running Windows 2008 server, Penta CommServer Media application, PDC DataCenter using SQL based database for configuration, event logging, remote management and access. 


  • Dispatch
  • Call Center
  • Public Address

The cPCx is based upon a redundant design using CommServers operating in a hot standby configuration.  Failure of the controlling CommServer will result in an automatic transfer to the standby unit.  CommServers are continuously monitored to preclude silent failures. Manual switchover between CommServers is also available.  These CommServer computers are typically industrial grade rackmount servers running Windows 2008 Server or later OS software.

Power supplies are redundant, hot swappable, and configured in a hot standby fashion, as well.

Digital PCx rack

Each cPCI telephony interface card has high powered processors to meet the needs of open telephony interfaces (T1, E1, ISDN PRI, Loopstart, Ethernet, Subscriber loop), sufficient DSP resources to provide enhanced services (switching, signaling, Interactive Voice Response, Fax, Conferencing, SS7, VOIP), and are all standards based in the hardware and software interfaces. 

Programmability: Penta shall perform initial programming and data base entry before system shipment.  The communications configuration of the system (line assignments to consoles, etc.) may be edited in the field using menu-driven software; no replacement or modification of hardware should be necessary.


The central control equipment is designed to digital open standards, redundant, non-blocking digital and IP switching.  Driving the cPCx is redundant CommServers connected to the external circuits by means of a protected distribution frame.

The common control equipment consists of the following:

  •   cPCI chassis, midplane to accept telephony cards in front and I/O modules in the rear

  • Blade Servers running Windows server (typically latest version with Latest Service Pack)

  •  Channel interfaces to radios, telephones, consoles, etc.

  • Each Commserver contains multiple redundant and hot swappable power supplies, dual+ HDD drives in a RAID X configuration, dual redundant fans, SNMP supervision.

  •  All communications. voice and data to/from Voice Communications Consoles is via a single or redundant (optional) Ethernet connection.

  •  All communication console audio can be carried using DS-0, VOIP, ISDN, or analog.  (VOIP is the preference)

The cPCx system is housed in enclosed cabinets of approximately     2’ W x 2’ D x 7’ H. (Other cabinet sizes are available.)

cPCx  Communication System Brochure (PDF format)

  CPCx Dispatch Center diagram
(PDF format)

CPCx  typical diagram w' SIP
(PDF format)

  CPCx  typical diagram w' SIP & PA-VMS
(PDF format)
cPCx VOIP Workstation Brochure
(PDF format)


cPCx Database and Event Reporting

·          Maintenance Applications:   Penta’s MMI testing application comes standard in the CommServer software suite and provides system diagnostic and testing capabilities for the user.

·          Penta Data Center (PDC):   Penta’s SQL database front end application providing system configuration, event viewing, alarm, and reporting.  System event and alarms can be sorted based on a variety of parameters using SQL database queries.  Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly downloading of information is available. 

Penta NTConsole and digital PCX

Communications Facilities

The cPCx is capable of controlling the following types of communications resources:
  • T1 digital circuits
  • E1 digital circuits
  • FXS
  • FXO
  • E&M
  • Ethernet
  • VOIP using Industry standards
  • SIP
  • two-wire and four-wire circuits to radios
  • two-wire telephone type lines from PBX/PSTN
  • automatic ring-down intercom lines
  • “hoot and holler” intercom lines
  • telephone lines from the public telephone network
  • microwave channels
  • fiber optic lines (require special interface)
  • public address lines
  • intercom lines

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