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BaseLink is a user programmable base station controller utilizing DSP technology.

It provides direct or dial-up connection and control to base stations radios or other remote communication and control devices.
BaseLink can be used to provide call control from mobile radios, act as a radio/telephone interconnect (RTI), function as a repeater/link controller, and many other control functions.

BaseLink DSP Powered Secure Base Station Controller

  • Multi-Channel/Multi-Function Base Station Controller:
    BaseLink employs standard DTMF, tone, or other formats to provide channel, transmitter, repeater, voting and other control functions. BaseLinks are individually addressable, and multiple base stations may be located on a single leased circuit while still retaining individual site access
  • Phone Patch Controller/Telephone Interconnect:
    Reduce leased line expenses by converting office-to-field circuits to dial-up. BaseLink controllers can receive radio calls from field personnel and automatically call programmed telephone numbers to establish the office connection. BaseLink will accept incoming telephone calls and establish the office-to-field radio connection using DTMF or DOV* to provide secure connection and password verification as required
  • Critical Station Controller:
    BaseLink controllers can be configured to sense primary line failure and revert to the dial-up port as a backup. This scenario allows critical base stations to be accessed via multiple paths for redundancy.
  • Line Integrity Testing:
    Perform line integrity measurements from the office without dispatching maintenance personnel to the remote radio sites. BaseLink provides remote line loss, frequency sweep, and signal-to-noise measurements using its high resolution DSP sampling. Measurements such as transmitter strength and local variables are also possible using optional modules.

BaseLink Communicator Setup Software:

The BaseLink Communicator software is a Windows® based configuration, setup and diagnostic utility for Penta’s BaseLink station controller. The BaseLink Communicator’s user-assignable and configurable menus and buttons make it easy to send commands and receive status and information using one of the BaseLink’s serial ports.

Users may set the BaseLink unit address, DTMF timing, PTT timeouts, telephone line timings, data rates, incoming call sequences, office connection sequences, office monitor sequences, and any other programmable or configurable options available on BaseLink.

BaseLink Communicator software is a 32-bit application that runs on any standard PC or Laptop running a 32-bit Windows OS. The computer connects to the BaseLink via the serial port using a standard DB9M cable and provides configuration, maintenance, and diagnostic functionality.

  • Leased Line:
    • 2W or 4W user configurable.
    • DTMF encode/decode.
    • User programmable single tone, encode/decode.
    • Integrated modem for data Tx/Rx.
    • Digital filtering.
  • Dial Line:
    • Registered Telephone Interface.
    • DTMF encode/decode.
    • Complete call progress monitoring to ensure line availability.
    • User programmable single tone, encode/decode.
    • Hybrid/Balancing is automatic and senses line length for automatic compensation.
    • Digital filtering.
    • Integrated modem for data Tx/Rx.
    • VOX keying of base station with integrated voice delay to prevent clipping.
    • Radio:Multi-frequency control.
  • Radio:
    • Single tone encode/decode (user programmable).
    • DTMF encode/decode.
    • Multi-frequency control.
    • Digital filtering.
  • More features:
    • SSI voting.
    • COR detect.
    • E&M signaling.
    • PTT.
    • RS232/RS485 data interface for programming.
    • Multi I/O for external local equipment control and status detection.
    • 2 analog-to-digital converters for measurement at site.
    • Totally user programmable & configurable (including call routing, signaling, and levels).
    • Multiple options for flexible call control.
    • Multi-layer surface mount construction to meet rugged environments.
    • Expansion port for your unique applications.
    • Built in protection from harsh EMI and RFI. transients.
    • Low power requirements.
    • High density flash programming.
    • Remote access and remote programming.
    • Statistical data logging.

BaseLink provides for a variety of audio and control connections including audio ports for a 2W/4W leased (E&M) circuit, a POTS (dialup) circuit, and a 2W/4W radio interface.  In addition to the audio interfaces the BaseLink has sufficient I/O and data ports for frequency control, COR, two inputs for Voting (or other measurement applications), E-Lead, M-Lead, PTT, and additional Input and outputs for user functions such as door sense, light control, etc.  The BaseLink can be remotely controlled via DTMF, RS232 data, and FSK and has over 100 programmable locations for call control and call processing.

*Desktop and Rack mount units available

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