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The Announcement Management System (AMS) is an IP-based, state of the art paging, and messaging solution for airports, transportation centers, convention centers, and any other facility where high quality, reliability, automatic supervision is required.

AMS Announcement Management System


  • Redundant, Hot-Standby System Controllers
  • Modular and Scalable for Easy Expansion
  • Client/Server IP-Based Architecture
  • Live, Pre-Recorded, and Text to Speech Messages
  • Secure Remote Access for Administrators
  • Voice and Visual Paging including Web-based
  • Ambient noise compensation by zone
  • Administration software included
  • Used in:
    • Airports
    • Transportation Centers
    • Convention Centers
    • Anywhere voice and visual messages are required.
  • AMS provides:
    •  zone paging,
    • visual message display on LED or LCD displays,
    • web based interfaces,
    • IP-based announcement control entire facility.
    • Easy to use paging stations for:
      • gates,
      • baggage areas,
      • central control,
      • remote locations.
    • Messages may be:
      • live,
      • pre-recorded,
      • event triggered from FIDS system, SCADA system, or any other intelligent information control system,
      •  stored in an automatically maintained central database.
    • automated announcements to individual zones, groups of zones, and all zones.
    • automated announcements generated from a user programmable schedule or from data links to a Centralized Control System, such as SCADA, via a standard redundant data port connections.
    • separate schedules for weekdays, weekends, or holidays.
    •  exception changes for delays, changes, or cancellations automatically implemented via control system data or by operator input.
  • Administration software allows easy editing of both professionally recorded and locally generated
  • Flexibility to add text to speech engines for kiosk applications.

AMS Brochure
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