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Announcement Management System


The Penta System provides ADA compliant voice and visual  messaging, paging, and announcement management for gates, concourses, baggage areas, and terminals. Live, prerecorded, and automated announcements are distributed to zones and groups that may be preconfigured or reconfigured in real time.
Passenger Information Systems WavWriter A PA/VMS centrally controlled messaging system that may be provided with a single or multiple control consoles.  The WavWriter system features redundant central processors running in hot-standby with auto-switchover.
Also included is WavWriter Edit software capable of creating, editing, and storing voice and visual messages.
Smart Paging Station TBMS  Intelligent paging station for initiating zone pages and triggering prerecorded messages.
Station Announcement Control PAx The PAx is a microprocessor based multi-input, multi-output, audio and announcement controller.
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