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Penta Media eXchange (PMx) is Penta’s next generation IP Based Digital Communications System based around Open Standards IP Telephony.

The Penta PMx is a highly scalable voice communications system with redundant servers using Host Media Processing (HMP) for all core switching and processing.  No digital bus, or DSP cards are used for circuit connections, conferencing, or processing; but rather, high powered redundant COTS servers running Linux OS. 

The PMx is ready to interface and control IP, TDM, and analog networks including legacy radios, intercom circuits, Radio over IP, radio and telephone using SIP, and many other interfaces.  Consoles do not need to be located in the same facility as the servers, as all audio and control data are carried over the customer provided
network (PMx is redundant network ready). 

Screens, resources, circuits and user permissions /authorities are all controlled and configured via the Penta Admin web based configuration tool.



  • Easily scalable
  • Flexible and cost-effeciive
  • Redundant COTS servers
  • Host-media processing software-based IP switching
  • Modern IP telephony, digital and legacy analog interfaces
  • SIP, phone, and radio
  • Remote access, monitoring and supervision

Rack unit

Penta’s MediaServers provide the core functionality for the Penta digital communications system and incorporate Dialogic communication’s PowerMedia HMP technology to provide highly scalable, feature-rich multimedia processing.  The Penta MediaServers perform switching, conferencing, tone generation and detection, and other telecom-related functions.

The MediaServer further expands these capabilities to accommodate such features as basic SIP or hybrid connectivity, audio playback, recording, transcoding, and other media processing interactions.

The Penta Digital MediaServer
software works in concert with the Penta Digital Console (which communicates to a SQL database on the MediaServer) to provide a communications system with complete control functionality and an intuitive dispatcher interface. All this is done using digital packet data transmissions for both audio and control pathways, greatly simplifying installation and reducing associated costs.

System diagram

PMx  Communication System Brochure (PDF format)


Penta NTConsole and digital PCX

Communications Facilities

The PMx is capable of controlling the following types of communications resources:
  • T1 digital circuits
  • E1 digital circuits
  • FXS
  • FXO
  • E&M
  • Ethernet
  • VOIP using Industry standards
  • SIP
  • two-wire and four-wire circuits to radios
  • two-wire telephone type lines from PBX/PSTN
  • automatic ring-down intercom lines
  • “hoot and holler” intercom lines
  • telephone lines from the public telephone network
  • microwave channels
  • fiber optic lines (require special interface)
  • public address lines
  • intercom lines

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