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The Penta 4052 PC3 Audio Station Controller provides an economical and compact alternative to controlling existing or new base stations.

The PC3 provides many flexible alternatives in a base station controller application.  Each alternative is either an integral function, or a simple add-on option of the PC3

PC3 Base Station Controller

  • Some alternative inputs include:
    •  DC,
    • EIA tone sequence,
    • DTMF,
    • PBx,
    • Telephone interface,
    • E/M lead,
    • FSK.
  • Each of these alternative inputs can be matched with any of the following alternative outputs:
    • EIA tone sequence,
    • DTMF,
    • E/M lead,
    • FSK,
    • contact closure.
    • The list is only a sample of the possible options.
Mechanically, the unit is suitable for rack or shelf mounting occupying from 1" to 3 (depending on the modules installed) of vertical rack space.  The electronics module consists of a double sided printed circuit board utilizing 2 ounce copper with plated-through holes, solder mask for moisture resistance, and silk screened component designation for ease of installation and maintenance.  Field connections are made on rear mounted plug-in terminal strip connectors.  These connectors permit field terminations of varying wire sizes from 30 to 14 gauge.  The 2 piece connector configuration facilitates rapid replacement without disturbing field wiring.  LEDs, switches, test points, and potentiometers are provided behind a fold down front panel for easy access.  The entire electronic assembly slides in and out of its formed metal enclosure by removing two shipping/retaining screws.
Because of the flexible design of the PC3, it is suitable for a wide range of applications.  The PC3 is used for base station control, as a remote station controller for PA/VMS control applications, as an RF repeater controller, and as an  UHF/VHF link controller.   The PC3 baseboard is equipped with four module slots allowing custom or semi-custom modules to perform functions not provided on the base unit The PC3 will operate in temperatures from -40 to +185 degrees F (-40 to +85 degrees C) and 95% humidity, non-condensing.  The PC3 may be stored in temperatures from -40 to +185 degrees F (-40 to +85 C).


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